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Wonderful staff! Dr. Massabni is great, she’s very thorough and efficient. Answered all my questions. Both times the staff went out of their way to make me comfortable, even when I locked my keys in my car. They were super helpful! Not too pricey either

Juliet P.

Dr. Massabni, Melissa and all her staff are skilled, kind and patient even with anxiety ridden patients like me. The fact that I’m giving them 5 stars after a route canal waiting for a crown to be fabricated says it all.

Catherine T.

Alright here it goes I am by far the greatest coward in the world to go to see the dentist so once again I waited for a horrible toothache to come along which it did I ran downstairs in my building to go see agape dentist dr massabni and her staff this is a top notch dentist office super clean super modern equipment and a super staff from beginning till the end it’s like being in dentistry heaven needed a crown with the works it was a breeze this will be the only dentist who will be ever allowed to do al my dentistry you don’t have to wait for your crown a month they make it the same day of your visit they even showed me how they did it I would give this dentist office 10stars if I could go see them you will not regret it bar none the best of the best thanks again agape dentist for your great help see you soon

Nick W.

I’ve been a patient of Dr. Ghada Massabni for more than ten years. Let me rephrase that. I’ve been a friend of Agape Dental for over ten years. I can’t fathom how anyone could go to any other dental office. After having several very bad and very expensive experiences with the wrong dentists in the past, I gave up on seeing the dentist for many years and I was frankly disgusted with myself. By chance, I happened to run into an old friend at a local restaurant and couldn’t help noticing how great his teeth looked. Out of frustration, I couldn’t resist asking who he using for his dental work. His eyes lit up with the compliment. He quickly gave me Dr. Massabni’s number and from that first visit on I realized that I made the right decision. Can you imagine looking forward to going to the dentist? The minute you walk through the door you’re honestly and sincerely greeted like family. I can’t begin to explain to people how caring and considerate everyone in the office treats you. You always know that they are looking out for your best interests. On rare occasion, in the past, I have been referred by Agape to a specialist. To have another technician or Specialist ask who did my dental work and compliment the work Agape has performed is a great feeling. You know you’re getting great value for your money. Please don’t hold off getting work done as I did in the past. Your teeth are one of the first things people notice when you meet them and I’m so proud of my fantastic smile and grateful to Dr. Massabni and her Staff for their work over the years.

Jim Z.

I’m not quick to change dentists, so last year after the best dentist I ever had moved to the midwest I was at a loss. My wife got me to try Dr Massabni and it was a great move. The greeting when you enter the office sets the positive tone. As far as cleanings, I’ve got sensitve teeth and I found that they listened to my concerns and treated me with kid gloves. The excellent service aside, Dr Massabni has invested across the board in the latest equipment. Xrays are live and electronic. She has a specialized camera that constructs a 3D image of your mouth live. I just had to have a cap done and she’s got a fabrication machine on the premises so that I walked out within hours with a permanent cap! The overall takeaway for me is that Dr Massabni is fully invested in what she does and in her patients and that’s what I want in a dentist.

Mike M.

My first visit to Agape was pleasurable. I was greeted by the front desk by name, and they were very accommodating in making an emergency appointment and explaining pricing and insurances. The dental assistant was very thorough and did everything she could to make me comfortable. Ghada sat with me and tried to get to know me and understand my fear of the dentist. We both made an impression on eachother, because when I returned I was remembered by everyone, and keyword for me is “I returned”. I had a cleaning with Katie which was pleasurable and she was so gentle and caring and accommodating. Needless to say I will return, Ionly rate it 4 because I still fear the dentist and the word, but they were all 5’s!

cathi s.

I’ve been going to Dr. Massabni at Agape Dentist for a few years now and she is the best dentist I have gone to. She and her staff are caring and kind. Dr. Massabni explains everything in detail and she does beautiful work. I don’t have any dental anxiety when going to Agape Dental; I feel very relaxed knowing I am in the best dental office.

Rhoda A.

I have been a patient here for over a year now, the level of service is very consistent. Regardless what I am in for. Whether it is a cleaning as were my last 2 visits, or the removal of all metal fillings, and repairing of cavities from my visit previous visits. The entire team from the front desk to the Dr. Ghada all are very friendly, knowledgeable, and respectful. Always putting the patients needs and health first and foremost. I had all but had given up from all of my past experiences with all kinds of corporate dentist outfits none have provided the personal attention to my specific needs and options available as Agape Dentist has. This office of professionals gets it right!

paul b.

After putting off going to the dentist for 5 years, these folks got me back on the right track. They did everything to make I was as comfortable as possible. My gums now look and feel amazing. Incredibly passionate and dedicated staff. Would recommend to anyone in the area.

Jay B.

Almost a year ago, I was searching for a new dentist. I knew that I needed mega work on my teeth and I was tired of many dentist not being “up-front”. I discovered Agape Dentist and Dr Massabni in my town of residence, Woburn, MA. We had an initial phone conversation and I was totally sold on her methods, practice and help, so she became my choice. I couldn’t be happier with Agape. Late last year and early this year we began the process of replacing many of my teeth with dentures (uppers and partial lowers). Every step of the way was made easier by the staff at Agape and Dr Massabni in particular. Any small adjustments were done quickly and conveniently for my comfort and yesterday, I went in for the MAJOR re-adjustment that is made when everything has settled and the dentures need to be adjusted for tightness and comfort. I have never been happier. The adjustments that Paul made to my uppers now means that I do not have to use adhesive. They fit perfectly and remain in place when eating ANYTHING. As a test run, I indulged in a Burger King Whopper with cheese directly after inserting my “new” denture. Not one problem. I would recommend Dr Massabni, Paul and the ENTIRE staff to anyone looking for a new dental service. I am greeted at the office with the warmest welcome and they handle and explain ALL of the insurance work necessary without a hitch.

John H.

I have been having all my dental needs met by Dr. Massabni for over a year now. I have had many problems with my teeth due to hockey accidents, etc. in the past, and have had many different dentists. I can say unequivocally that I have never been treated so professionally. The dental work that Dr. Massabni performs is absolutely the best dental work of anyone who has ever touched my teeth. The hygenists and office staff are also absolutely outstanding.

Tom R.

this is the perfect family Dentistry practice. very professional, and courteous. I have been coming to them for many years, and never had a problem. highly recommended

Hany B.

Dr. Massabni and her team do an excellent job in caring for their patients and their teeth. What sets them apart is the tremendous service and availability during my dark days of gum disease and infected/impacted teeth. They listen and get it.

Eric C.

Dr Masabni is the best dentist ever!! And the staff is amazing. Everyone is very friendly, understanding and very competent. I have done numerous procedures ( wisdom teeth removal, deep cleaning…) and each time I am so pleased by the quality of service and care. I definitely recommend agape dentist for any dental procedure! You’re in good hands!

Nadia M.

Dr. Massabni is THE. ACTUAL. BEST. If you knew me, you’d know that the fact that I am writing a Yelp review for a dentist is proof of that. Next to drowning, going to the dentist is easily my biggest fear (I’m only like 2% exaggerating). I hadn’t had a cleaning in about 2 years the first time I went to Agape, and I was terrified. When I tell you I am a legit 30 year old woman who cried through almost her entire appointment, I’m not exaggerating at all. I am embarrassing at the dentist. Anyway, in swoops Dr. Massabni with her gentle, understanding demeanor and her incredibly accommodating staff. She is reassuring, really asks you what’s important to you in terms of your dental health, and she and her team actually work to educate you about your teeth and gums. I’ve never had a dentist so thorough in explaining what she’s doing, why she’s doing it and what the heck is going on with my mouth. I had a series of appointments after my initial cleaning to fill some cavities and work on getting into a better routine with my gums (read: I was the worst flosser ever). The Agape team motivated me to take better care of my teeth and provided whatever help they could to make that happen. By the time I went back 6 months later for my first regular cleaning after those initial visits, they practically celebrated how healthy my teeth and gums were! Now I barely flinch when that drill goes on because I 100% trust Dr. Massabni to take care of me – she is beyond gentle. I tell her every time I go that she can never retire.

If you need a new dentist (or even if you don’t), go to Agape. I’ve referred 2 coworkers and my husband to her and they all love her. You won’t be sorry!

Megan K.

The care was great. Very personable and accommodating staff. Dr. Massabni performed my root canal. It was the most comfortable I felt during having this type of work done by far! I highly recommend Dr. Massabni and the Agape team.

Ryan B.

I just had my second cap with Dr Massabni and my first ever with the new technology she’s got. I’ve never experienced anything like it. Normally I’d be sitting here with a temporary cap while the permanent cap was made. Then I’d have to go in after 2 weeks and hope that the cap was fit and that my teeth had not shifted too much. That’s not what happened. Instead I went in at 9:30. I was out by 12:30 _with_ the new perfectly fitting permanent cap in place. I’m no stranger to caps and this was by far the least unpleasant experience I’ve had. There was no impression taken. Instead there is a camera that quickly creates a 3-D image of your upper and lower teeth and how they fit. And then the cap is made while you wait or go run errands. It doesn’t hurt that she’s got a really friendly and capable staff either. Two thumbs up.

Michael R.

Best dental office I ever been! Professional, honest and clean! Highly recommend! And if you are afraid of pain, this is the place to go, they make you feel at easy and they are very gentle and paciente!!!

Addy S.

Dr. Massabni is amazing! She made my visit painless. The staff is very friendly and they we’re upfront with the cost. I highly recommend Dr. Massabni specially for people like me that hasn’t been to a dentist for a very long time because of bad experience in the past.

J M.

Best staff I’ve ever seen in a dentist office. They listen to you, they explain everything, they make everything work with your budget (and insurance). They are also extremely detailed with they’re work, besides this Dr. Massabni has the best hand for the shots. ????

I definitely recommend them!!! Both me and my wife are very satisfied with their services.

Adrian S.

Dr. Ghada Massabni and her staff are excellent. Really excellent. Everything explained. Friendly and caring. I’m very thankful I found and tried Agape; I’ll definitely be going back.

Marcus O.

my best interest is always there. I feel comfortable and well taken care of during appointments. All the staff is pleasant and cares about you as a person.I travel 25 miles to go to Agape Dental so that really tells you something if I am traveling that far.

Ida F.