One or Two Missing Teeth

At Agape Dentist, we are proud to create a natural looking dental appliance called a dental bridge for residents in Woburn, Massachusetts. A dental bridge replaces a section of missing teeth in your mouth. Since they are custom made, people will not even be able to notice they are there. We can make them look natural by restoring the natural contour of teeth as well as your natural bite.

Receiving a bridge can also be referred to as a fixed partial denture since they are semi-permanent. They are bonded to an existing tooth or implant and there are many different types of fixed dental bridges. Some of these include conventional fixed bridges, cantilever bridges, and resin-bonded bridges. The only person that can remove the fixed bridge is your dentist.

A dental bridge is made of two crowns which hold the tooth replacement between them. The teeth beside the gap are prepared and then covered with two crowns so that the tooth replacement sits securely in the empty space. There are three types of material to use: porcelain, gold alloys, and a combination of materials. Implant bridges are attached to an area below the gum tissue or bone.

We are proud to assist patients from Woburn, Winchester, Stoneham, Burlington, Wakefield, and the surrounding areas. Our practice is in the heart of Woburn, MA. We love assisting patients who receive a healthy and beautiful smile.

If you have any questions regarding missing teeth, or you would like to schedule an appointment, contact us today at (781) 935-2200.